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Services and rates


As graduates of the ESIT and the IPLV, we offer highly specialized, high-quality language services. We only translate into French and English, and only documents relating to our areas of specialization. However, as members of the French Translators’ Society (SFT) and the ESIT Alumni Association (AAE-ESIT), we are part of a vast network of professional translators. So, please do contact us about projects that require languages other than French and English. We will be able to give you sound advice and to help you find the most efficient and reliable person for your job.

We also collaborate with other freelance translators with professional degrees (ESIT, ETI), which allows us to take on and manage high-volume projects. Furthermore, we take time to review one another’s work, a process with guarantees the highest level of quality!


All translators are obligated to respect professional confidentiality. As such, we are committed to upholding the highest levels of confidentiality while working on your documents.

Services offered

  • Translation
  • Document review and editing

Our areas of specialization

  • Medical, pharmaceutical
  • Scientific
  • Legal
  • Economic
  • Business communications
  • International organizations
  • General editorial
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Technical

Please contact us for further information.


We systematically establish a price quote before accepting any order. Translation and editing rates vary according to the amount of work, the complexity of the source text, the source language, the document format… The price indicated in the price quote is the maximum price that we will charge. As a result, you are guaranteed to pay the fairest price for high-quality services.

It is very important that you send us samples of the documents to be translated before we can accept the order. Please remember to indicate the deadline when you send the documents. This is the only way that we can precisely evaluate the document’s complexity and the time needed to carry out the work in the best possible conditions. It is also important to indicate how the documents will be used (for publication, for company use only,…) and who will be reading the document. This information makes it possible for us to adapt the language register for the appropriate readership.


  • Documents delivered in Word format are translated by overwriting. Thus, no layout premiums are applied to the price.
  • Paper documents, pdfs, images, etc. are priced by the amount of translated text, according to the number of paragraphs. Any further layout work is billed as a separate service.
  • Premiums are applied to Excel and Powerpoint documents, as well as to other unusually formatted documents.

Rush work

Rush rates are applied to evening, night, and weekend jobs. This rate will never exceed 100 %.

Minimum price

For documents containing only several dozen or several hundred words, we apply a minimum billing rate.

Review and editing

We also offer translation review and editing for clients who would like to have a previously translated documents checked. This service is billed by the hour (price quote available).

Translation agencies

Our rates are available upon request.